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Part of being a military family is moving. Whether you move a few hours away, or to another country - it can feel like a big deal!  These military teens share their moving experiences…

Same Move, Two Different Perspectives

Watch these animated stories of 16-year-old Alejandro and his 10-year-old half-brother Darien. Same move, two different ways of looking at it.  At first, Al was angry about the move, and he felt upset about it. After he did some research into the new location and arrives there, his outlook starts to improve. Learn how Alejandro copes with leaving school, friends, football, and his girlfriend behind. He will start over at a new school and join a new football team. Darien loves adventure and is looking forward to starting at a new middle school and surfing at a new beach.

Take A Tour!

These virtual tours bring you inside for a sneak peek of select installations. These videos were hosted by teens, who share all the places and activities they enjoy while on- and off-base.

Here are some places to put on your “must-see” list when you explore your new home:

  • Swimming pool, skate park, bowling alley, movie theatre
  • Baseball fields, basketball courts, soccer fields, hockey rink
  • Places to eat for Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, All-American
  • Library, museums, comics store, concert hall
  • Clubs: 4-H, Torch, Keystone

Make A Tour!

Unfortunately, there are not videos for every installation and every person has a different perspective on their favorite things to do and places to go. We invite you (and your friends) to have some fun and create your own virtual tour. Think of it as a gift for other military kids coming to a new place, or for you when you move again. Consider asking to put it on the teen center or installation social media channels.  Have some fun!

Moving Matters!

Watch these kids talk about their experiences moving...

Helpful Tips and Resources

Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children: 

In the past, transferring credits from one school to another could result in not getting credit for classes you have taken or not having an adequate prerequisite.  The interstate compact mentioned above provides a consistent policy for enrollment, placement, attendance, eligibility and graduation. Visit the link to find helpful information for you and your parent.

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