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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

The mobile apps below can be helpful resources for you and your family.  Many of them are referenced throughout the site.

Breathe2Relax Manage stress and anxiety with deep-breathing exercises.  Find it on iTunes or the Google Play store.

Virtual Hope Box Learn ways to cope with stressful times and distract yourself with games. Find it on iTunes or the Google Play store.  

Parenting2Go  Find quick parenting advice; relaxation tools to use when frustrated or stressed; tools to improve their relationship with their children through positive communication; and strategies to switch gears between military life and home.  Find it on iTunes

BAM! Dining Decisions Learn to make smart food choices. Find it on iTunes or Google Play  

CDC Health IQ Test your health knowledge. Find it on iTunes or the Google Play store.


Military Meditation Coach: download it here at iTunes or from YouTube.

Revised: Fri, 03/13/2020 - 04:23