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Physical Injury

Sensitive Information - This content deals with difficult topics. Please view this material with a trusted adult or talk with them after viewing.

When a parent is physically injured the whole family has to adjust. Discover how to cope with a parent who has a physical injury…

Physical Injury, Taylor's and Kendra's Mom

Watch these animated stories of Kendra and her sister Taylor. Their mom injured her leg during a deployment. The injury was bad and the doctors had to remove her leg. She was in the hospital for quite some time. Kendra and Taylor moved in with their grandparents while their mom recovered from her injury. Learn how their lives changed and how their family adjusted to their new life together.  

Lessons Learned

There are many types of physical injuries: loss of a leg or arm, burns, back pain, etc.

What Kendra and Taylor Discovered:

- Their parent’s behavior changed after a deployment.

- Everyone in the family has to adjust to the effects of the injury.

- Seeing their injured parent for the first time was hard.

- Getting used to a parent’s injury is a process with lots of ups and downs.

How they coped:

- Found support and comfort from hospital staff, family and friends, and other injured service members.

- Talked about how changes to their house and routines may be part of your parent’s homecoming.

- Talked about the differences before and after their parents deployment and injury.

- Learned that it’s OK to be sad or confused about the changes in your parent.

In Their Own Words

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