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Military Kids Are Mighty

Happy Month of the Military Child! Military children serve a special role in our country. This April, we want to highlight the unique challenges and resilient character of all our military-connected kids. Read more.

Photograph of teenager who is alone and upset

Are They Toxic?

Relationships have a big impact on our lives. Certain relationships can be stressful. It can be hard to know: is this normal or is it unhealthy? Learn more about relationship health.

photograph of military kid flexing arm

Get Active!

It’s easy for us to spend a lot of our life sitting: studying, playing games, driving, watching videos, texting. Learn ways to keep active and move more.

group of teenagers laughing together as they arrive at school

Remember to Breathe

Life is full of stress. It can affect our bodies in different ways. It can even make us feel unlike our usual selves. Learn ways to identify and reduce stress.

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